The ACT’s Experienced Massage Therapists

Based in the ACT, Body Balancing Therapies welcomes a wide range of clientele. From those with sports injuries to stiffness and mobility issues, we help you gain greater motion, relieve pain and restore function to your body. Our massage services include:
  • Sports massage
  • Remedial massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • BBT package massage
  • Pre and post event massage
  • Sports medicine
  • JEMS (Joanne Elphinston Movement System)

Sports Massage

Sports massages aren’t just for athletes; anyone leading an active lifestyle can experience the benefits. Used before, during or after any form of physical activity, sports massages can help prevent and reduce the severity of injuries. Ideal for activating muscles and tendons and facilitating increased blood flow, sports massages can prepare your body for activity. When used post-exercise, sports massage removes toxin build up to promote faster recovery times, less fatigue, increased blood and lymph flow as well as good heart health. 

If you’ve experienced injury, sports massage can assist in reducing symptoms like swelling, pain and inflammation. For long-term ailments, regular sports massage can be used to stabilise an injury and promote a fast recovery.

Remedial Massage

During a remedial massage, your therapist utilises a holistic approach to uncover the underlying cause of your painful symptoms. Our treatments often involve deep tissue work aimed at releasing muscle fibres and connective tissue in areas of the body that are tight, injured or stressed. This includes myofascial release and trigger point therapy to help release contraction knots in muscles. 

We draw upon sports, relaxation, lymphatic and therapeutic massage to warm up muscles, unlock and release fibres, increase blood flow and clear lymph nodes of waste to promote faster healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Helping to release muscle tension and increase blood flow, therapeutic massage brings in fresh supplies of oxygenated blood and nutrients while ridding the body of lactic acid and waste. Ideal for post-exercise or after injuries, therapeutic massage can be used to boost recovery. 

This type of massage uses flowing movements that stretch, warm and relax the tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscles. A relaxing massage, it promotes a sense of wellbeing while also stimulating blood flow and aiding in lymphatic drainage. Regular therapeutic massages aid in reducing stress and promoting wellbeing.

Relaxation Massage

All about relaxing your body, we use flowing movements, gentle strokes, stretching and joint mobilisation. Light tension headaches and stressors are alleviated, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated following your massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Our qualified and accredited therapists ensure that you and your baby are cared for safely during your massage. A gentle and relaxing experience, tension, aches, pains, cramping and swelling associated with water retention melts away. Your blood flow is increased, improving oxygen and nutrient uptake while eliminating toxic by-products. As a bonus, your body releases endorphins to help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Lymphatic Massage

An incredible network of vessels containing lymph, lymphatic system massage removes excess fluids and fatty materials from our bodies. With lymph glands in our neck, armpits and groin, waste products like dead cells and bacteria can be filtered out. The bodies first line of defence against infections and bacteria, these glands swell at the first sign of sickness or illness. Unlike our blood system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump mechanism to move fluid. Instead, the contraction and relaxation of our muscles move fluids around the body. Regular exercise and activity is key to keeping the lymphatic system working at its best. 

If you’ve been inactive, in recovery or unwell, it may be time to have a lymphatic massage, otherwise known as lymphatic drainage. We use gentle movements to promote the flow of lymph, relaxing your whole body. We recommend drinking plenty of fluids following a treatment to help your body flush out toxins released. During the massage.

BBT Package Massage

We’re able to work with you to create a package of treatments to address your specific needs. Contact our clinic to find out how we can help you. 

Pre and Post Event Massage

We’re able to attend events and games to provide players and athletes with massage services. As part of a warm up, massage helps to prevent and reduce injury while loosening and activating muscles and blood flow. When used post-event, it helps to remove toxic build up, like lactic acid, promoting faster recovery times, less fatigue, increased blood and lymph flow and good heart health.

Sports Medicine

Do you need a qualified sports trainer, first aider or sports medicine practitioner? Providing a crucial link between coach, player and health professional, our sports trainers make sport safer by:
  • Implementing appropriate injury prevention protocols
  • Preparing players for competition
  • Providing the appropriate immediate management of injuries
  • Providing immediate crisis management of severe injuries
  • Informed referral of injuries to a more qualified health professional for further advice and management
  • Working in conjunction with health professionals (e.g. physiotherapists or GPs) to ensure a safe return to play for injured players
  • Educating players and coaching staff in relation to return to play principles

JEMS (Joanne Elphinston Movement System)

Utilising JEMS techniques, we help rehabilitate soft tissue and reconnect the body. A holistic approach to healing, JEMS allows movement to return to damaged areas of the body. Using techniques centred on making fresh links between brain and body and reducing new habits, we change the way your body responds to life’s challenges.
For more on any of our holistic massage services call (02) 6288 6578.
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